Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mommy wisdom and baby gear...

You learn so much after having your baby, you change so much, you put your foot in your mouth more times than you thought possible, and you change your mind about things that you never thought you would. So everything you thought you would do can just go right out the window, trust me! And there are products you will love and ones you'll think why the hell did I waste so much money on that. Here's what I've been learning these past 4 months...

I love love love the Halo sleep sacks, not for their intended purpose. They're meant to provide a blanket for baby while sleeping without having to put an actual blanket on them and risk SIDS issues. I personally love them because they have the "swaddle" feature aka straight jacket. And my crazy little monster doesn't stand a chance trying to break out of this baby. You could wrap him so tightly in a swaddle blanket that he couldn't breathe yet 20 minutes later he MacGuyvers himself out of it. With the sleep sack swaddle feature, he's locked down for the night, and sleeps SO much better!

I would die without my Angelcare Monitor. I wake up from a dead sleep in a panick because I can't hear him breathing all of a sudden (he's usually quite the loud little snorer) and all I have to do is look across the room and see the blinking green light which indicates that he is breathing and back to sleep I go. Even with my blindness sans contacts I can see the light flashing across the room.

Wubbanub's are amazing. No more fiddling around in the pack n play in the middle of the night to find the vanishing paci. The Wub is a little hard to miss, very easy to locate in a half sleeping stupor. And it's a breeze to find in the car seat while driving.

Who knew my kid would be wearing a bib literally all day long. Between his projectile puking, constant spit up, teething drool, and a new found love of blowing raspberries the kid is soaking wet all day long. I think I will create a new product, clothing with built in bib absorbancy around the neck. We will be buying stock in vinyl ones because I'm so over washing them!

Dear god why do they make infant seats that go past 20 lbs. Let me give you a tip, there is no way in hell you will be carrying your child around in an infant seat at 20 lbs, let alone 30 or 35!! Do you know how heavy those seats are with a kid in them... when HL was 5 lbs I still had trouble getting the thing in and out of the car! I remember thinking that I needed to buy the carseat with the highest weight limit and now I know that this was quite possibly the stupidest idea I ever had.

Who knew that I'd be buying name brand diapers and wipes. I thought this was the dumbest thing parents could do, a diaper is a diaper, wipes are wipes, so buy the cheapest! Ummm NO, no that is not at all true. We've now tried 4 brands of diapers from Kirkland to Parents Choice to Huggies to Pampers. Let me be the first to warn you, the generic crappy ones are cheap for a reason, they suck, they don't fit right, they're a waste of money. Then we have wipes, we bought a mammoth size box of Parent's Choice wipes and by the time we were on our last refill I was ready to just throw the remaining wipes in the trash. I couldn't WAIT to get a different brand, a name brand. See these crappy wipes wouldn't feed through the tub so you had to pull them out individually, and they were pretty much like sandpaper, my poor baby's butt. After a nasty round of diaper rash we are DONE with the generic crappy wipes and will only buy the nice name brand Pampers with aloe ones from here on out.

Now that my little dude is packing on the pounds finally, slowly but surely, I have learned that you should NEVER put baby clothes in the dryer. I used to put them in there on high heat on purpose to shrink them so that he would fit, now we're going through outfits faster than I can count and if I put them in the dryer that means even less time that they'll fit. These baby outfits are made of super 100% cotton, they shrink like crazy, so if you want to get more than one use out of your clothes, hang dry them.

When a baby teeths at 3 months old they don't know how to use a teething ring so I've found lots of other options that are easier to grab. Teething beads have come in handy, essentially a necklace with beads to be chewed on. He can grab these much easier than the traditional teething rings. Oh and a knuckle works just as well.

Products with a money back guarantee are your friend. First we tried out the Colic Calm which does work folks, no miracle cure but I have no doubt that it works, thank GOD we are past the colic days. Our newest find, Triple Paste. You find it next to all the other billion diaper creams, so far it has been really amazing. I slathered him up with it and saw a noticeable improvement within just a day. And if it doesn't end up workign in the end, we get our money back, a win win!

JJ Cole Bundleme's are amazing. They save your fragile little newborn from the cold and from the mass amount of stupid people in our society that think it's perfectly normal to stick their dirty germ infested hands into your carrier to touch your new baby. And it guards against all of those coughs and sneezes too, especially great in the pediatricians office! However, if you end up with a baby like mine, they will be a hot potato and will HATE the carseat after a while because they sweat to death beneath the fleecy bundleme. Fear not, that's where the Bundlme Lite comes into play, a light version, just enough to break the wind and perfect!

Who knew the kid would hate the baby swing that was pretty much the most expensive on the market. Major purchase FAIL. Hopefully the next kid likes it because HL would rather go without food for a week than sit in the thing. If you aren't planning to have additional children, buy used!

To be continued....


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