Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't have room for a garden, then get this stuff!! I cannot WAIT to try these!

So I was in Lowes yesterday and saw this book and immediately bought it after flipping through some of the pages. I am in love with the idea of being able to grow veggies in containers and pretty pots! Granted I have my huge garden to grow in, but why not grow MORE! What I loved about this book was that it shows you how to mix veggies AND flowers in one pot and they look amazing. So you get the beauty of pretty potted plants with the bonus of veggies. :::::SWOON::::::

I wish I could find more pictures of her vegetable container plants because they're amazing, they look like some beautiful ornamental lawn pots and then you look closer and you see eggplants or tomatoes or habanero peppers popping out of the middle! Here's what they look like essentially but you'd see a beautiful squash plant hanging down from the bottom or a tomato plant growing from the top.

PS. Pamela Crawford should totally pay me to be a sales rep for her book because I'm going to blab this to everyone haa :)

For those of you who don't have the space for an inground garden or don't have the right soil this is the perfect fix. I'm all about promoting organic lifestyle changes and growing your own produce is honestly one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. There's something about it that makes you feel good, forgive me for sounding totally "granola" but there's something earthy about it, like you're getting back to the basics. And you will never taste anything better. Until you've tasted homegrown veggies you have NO clue what you're missing out on, I cringe going to the grocery store in the winter and having to buy their produce, the tomatoes are almost see-thru and have no flavor, the squash is waxy & covered in pesticides, ick, I just hate it.

So after visiting a couple of gardening places this weekend to get a few things I found these awesome planter boxes that are completely self contained growing kits. It literally can't get any easier than this, I mean the thing even waters itself!!

Earth Box Growing Kits (and no I'm not getting paid to do this, I'm not even getting any free product, I just love this idea) are so cool I was *thisclose* to buying one when I remembered, oh yea, I have a 1000 sq. ft. garden I don't need this, but I really wanted it!

Here's some pictures of ones that have been planted, looks to me like this one has carrots, basil, rosemary, and something else.

See they really will fit on your patio!

They even come with accessories like trellices so you can grow vines like watermellon, squash, or other large plants. So there you have it, no more excuses, you can grow your own food without hardly any effort. In fact the wording on the package says grow your own garden "No matter what color your thumb is." Whether you take the container garden down the fancy route using gorgeous containers like Pamela Crawford has done or whether you go with the simple and easy grow kits you can do it guys! And you most certainly won't regret it. Happy planting!!!


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