Saturday, April 17, 2010

Diaper Rash, I loathe thee....

So where do I even begin... we've been battling this stupid diaper rash issue for what seems like forever! First it was manageable, throw a little Desitin on it and it would go away. Then it started coming back and getting worse. It turned really red and nasty, spread all over his whole bum turning his legs and creases all red and irritated on top of the open sores in his crack which looked like ulcers. Thankfully this entire thing doesn’t really seem to bother HL too much but that almost makes me feel more guilty. We mentioned the diaper rash issue to the pedi at his 4 month appointment and his answer was to switch creams and see if that helped. So we did, we tried Desitin creamy and original, Boudreaux’s, A&D ointment, you name it. Nothing helped.

So we went back in and were told it was a yeast rash so we were giving some prescription Nystatin cream. We used that for about 10 days, slight improvement for a couple of days and then back to nasty again. Went back to the pedi and also tried the Triple Paste diaper cream that came highly recommended by other mommas. The pedi gave us oral antibiotics to try but the Triple Paste seemed to work some magic and the rash disappeared without having to use any of the oral antibiotics.

The area cleared up nicely but there was still a small spot in his crack that was still ulcer-like but we figured eventually that too would go away. Well not so much… a week later and the whole full blown rash is back. And back to the pedi we go, it’s like a dang revolving door. This time the pedi says that the rash is actually an “open wound” so the diaper cream would not do us any good until this healed because it was just holding the moisture on the skin. So she instructed us to make our own “cream” to help it heal.

Off to the grocery we went to get Aquaphor ointment, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, and more Nystatin yeast cream. We mix them all together and apply and the sore does start to shrink. It appears to close up yet the rash is still not gone. And now here we are 10 days later AGAIN and the classic yeast, pin prick red dot rash is still going strong… So what the heck do we do now??? Any ideas ladies… anything?? We’ve tried going diaperless, airing out, switching wipes, switching diapers, frequent bathing, less frequent bathing, you name it and nothing is working….


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