Friday, April 9, 2010

Cracking bones & pain meds, Happy Friday Ya'll!

Wisdom Teeth Removal = pure awesomesauce! If there were ever a thought in my mind about possibly getting some collagen lip injections at some point in my life they were put to rest today. After I survived this brutal torture I looked like a Grouper straight out of the ocean thanks to all of the novocaine shot up in my face.

I've been dreading this for a few weeks now, it was officially time to get my wisdom teeth removed after all of these years. Granted growing up we were hardly ever taken to the dentist to receive normal care, neither my brother nor I needed braces so I think that the dentist visits were put on the back burner or something. I have been to the dentist 2 times in about 16 years now... not so good... And the last time I went in (5 years ago) I was told that I'd definitely need to have my wisdom teeth removed because they were growing into the roots of my other teeth. I basically just ignored it and decided to put it off until a later time.

Fast forward to a month ago and I start getting all of this horrible pain in my teeth to the point I couldn't open my mouth, so I begrudgingly headed into the dentist, this time without insurance, and sure enough it's the dang wisdom teeth. Time for them to come out... great.

Made my appointment with Comfort Dental (which offers cheaper care than a traditional dentist since we don't have dental coverage) and for their routine extractions they do NOT put you under, instead you're awake for the procedure. I guess this is where the "budget" care comes into play ha! This was my first reason for anxiety...

They took xrays of my teeth and the dentist comes in and says that he's pretty sure he'll have to send me out to another oral surgeon for the extraction because he couldn't get a great view of my teeth on the xrays and they looked a bit more "involved" than a standard extraction. Uhhhhh ok.... he asked if I had insurance and I told him no to which he replied "Hmm, well it's going to be REALLY expensive to send you out..... :::pause::: ....." then he instructed the assistant to take some more xrays. After examining the new xrays he says "Well.... ok... yea I think I can probably do it, yea yep I can do it" As you can imagine I wasn't entirely convinced, I mean how did he change from 3 minutes ago insisting that I be sent out to another surgeon and now all of a sudden, nevermind, he can do it. What was this, the schizo dentist... oiy! The only info I left with was the fact that they were obviously going to be quite the challenge and that all 4 were fully impacted.

Well the day came today that I had to go get hacked on, little did I know how literal that would be....

He walks in doesn't say much, doesn't ask me if I have any questions or anything and just tips the chair back tells me to open and starts stabbing me with needles filled with novocain. Okie Dokie just jump right in there eh?! In the middle of my numbing session I stop him and say that I'm really concerned about the pain management after the procedure because I have a high tollerance to pain meds. He kind of brushed me off saying we'd take care of it. Fast forward to extraction time, he starts scraping and pulling and yanking on things and then goes "Alright! There's one! If they all go this easy we'll be in great shape!" and then leans over to me and says "But the lower ones, they're NOT going to go as smoothly, they're going to be a challenge" uh ok doc... thanks for the heads up?? I think???

He moves down to my lower left, time for tooth #2. He begins drilling away as if he may strike oil, keeps requesting more and more tools from the assistant and various people around the office, switches drills, yanks and pulls and cuts away. It felt like something out of the horror movie Hostel. Finally he stops drilling looks at me and says "WOW.... this is a LOT worse than it looked on the xrays.... hmm.... (more pauses)... yea I don't know..." then proceeds to tell me to open wider and we're back drilling again. I could feel the blood pressure skyrocketing, it was like a subtle way of telling me to fasten my seatbelt. All I can hear is cracking bone in my ear, the drill, and the suction. Talk about some sick torture!

And then we crossed over to pure hell... He stops the drill one more time and pulls off his glove and says "I'm going to have to stop. I am going to have to send you out to another oral surgeon, you have to be put under to do this, it's just too much." WHAAA???? Whadaya mean?? Like you're stopping?? What about my tooth?? And my jaw that now has a hole in it??? You're just stopping in the middle, what the EFF? Yep, sure enough he stopped. He goes on to remove my other upper tooth and says that for the bottom two I'll have to go see another dude. Tells me that if I could get in sometime in the next month or so that'd be ideal. All the while I'm thinking TIME.OUT.DOC! You're telling me that I have to endure this suffering TWICE?? Like go home, heal up and then go get hacked on AGAIN. He tells me that he could take the tooth out but the body wouldn't be able to handle that kind of pain so I HAVE to be put under, it's way too much for just a local anesthetic block. Shoot me now please.

And the best part of the story is that after I got stitched up Mr. Dentist walked out and his assistant handed me a baggie full of gauze and says "here ya go!" and walked out herself. No instructions for care, no demo on what to do with all of this damn gauze, no info on watching out for fever or anything like that, she just sent me packing with a bunch of gauze. Pure awesomesauce guys... I just kept thinking about how much I regretted the decision to do this.

I have to admit I was almost in tears and all I could think about was my initial concern when he told me that he was "pretty sure" he could do it. I should've known then that this was a bad idea and should've just spent the extra $$$CHING CHING$$$ to get it done with the oral surgeon.

Me at home still numb for a brief while...

And fast forward to coming home. I'm drooling all over myself like an idiot, blood all over my mouth and teeth, can't talk. I say to my hubbs "this is ridiculous" sounding exactly like Sid from Ice Age. I head to the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotics and pain pills. After waiting in the grocery store for an HOUR I finally go up to see if the prescriptions that they told me would take 20 mins were done yet for the love of God! And they go "oh yea they're done" I could've ripped out this lady's throat, they were done this whole time and no one wanted to tell us while we sat out here with half my face hanging off like a stroke victim and a child screaming because he blew out his diaper and had covered the carseat in poop. What is wrong with people. I digress...

I'll spare all of the details to tell you that I feel like I got curb stomped by the huge man on Green Mile and then someone poured gasoline in my mouth and lit it on fire. It is AWFUL. After taking about 6 times more of the Percocet than I was instructed to do I had hubbs call the dentist to find out what the plan was going to be because surely this wasn't going to work, I was honestly contemplating heading to the ER to get put on a morphine drip. Ya'll I'm no wuss, in fact I'll go ahead and say that I have quite the tollerance for pain but this has been out of this world painful. I kept saying that I felt like my jaw was broken, and after speaking with Mr. Dentist I find out that essentially it IS. My bottom two wisdom teeth are "fully encapsulated in bone" So in order to remove them they must hack out my jaw bone, grind the bone all to bits, grab hold of the tooth, hope they don't have hooking roots, and yank them out.

Until I get in with the new surgeon I'm walking around with a gigantic HOLE in my jaw that has been stitched up for the time being. I can not eat, even drinking a tablespoon of water to choke my pills down nearly made me pass out (no joke), I have gone through all of the ice in the freezer and the ice maker can't keep up. I'm dying. Plan is to go and see the dentist again tomorrow first thing to find out where to go from here and to get more pain pills since I am seriously OUT of the whole bottle he gave me.

To be continued with the gruesome update later.......


mommamaven said...

Thank you! Yes it's a major suckage for sure!! Dentist is giving me more
meds today so I'm hoping it gets better but unfortunately I woke up today in
just as much pain as yesterday, I have a feeling this is going to be a
looooong ride. Thanks for stopping by!! If you have a blog give me the addy
and I'll come visit :)

shannonywebb said...

I can't even imagine...that must be excruciating! Hope you get a refill on the meds and that the pain subsides soon. On another note, just found you through Top Mommy and am looking forward to reading more. Feel better!

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