Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Maven have converted, we've turned a new page

Our family has converted, full blown 180 here in the maven household...

No, we didn't convert to Catholisicm, or to cloth diapering... let's not get crazy here folks! We converted our eating practices to ORGANIC. Yep we jumped on the hippie bandwagon, (a little too much time in Boulder??) hmmm.. But in all honesty, our choice was spurred by the latest documentary, Food Inc. Before reading any further, log on to your Netflix, click on your On Demand, and GET THIS MOVIE, you need to see it, every. single. American needs to see it.  No joke.

And now I can resume. This movie opened our poor ignorant naive closed eyes to the world of American food, how our food arrives in our grocery stores and onto our tables. Ladies and gentlemen.... I was appalled. The movie isn't a goar fest of animal cruelty and meat slaughtering practices, rather it's an insight into how we breed and manufacture our food these days instead of eating it the way it was intended. Genetically modified soybeans, genetically engineered chickens... Our food has become a science project and quite frankly, in the words of Oprah, "it needs a revolution" Seriously, it was just eye opening, that's the best way I can describe it.

As a result, we're moving to organic, all natural, free range, healthy-home grown-nutrient packed food! I am loving it so far, it has inspired me to start cooking good meals again. I enjoy seeking out new goodies to try and I have found a love for our Sunflowers market here in Colorado. I encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to think about what they're eating... what's in that food.... where did it come from.... how was it processed. Afterall, this is the fuel we're giving our bodies to carry on our lives, to LIVE, don't you think we should be filling up the gas tank with the best fuel possible?? And for my son, he deserves the best, so I will happily be a role model and provide him with the best start in life possible.

So do it. Go get the movie. Whether it changes your eating habits or not everyone needs to at least be aware. And if you have any organic recommendations for us we'd LOVE to hear about it. Any good recipes, any good stores or markets to go to, any particular farmers to seek out across the country? If you have any tips we want to hear about it!


MoreThanAMom said...

Congrats on the decision to eat organic. Found you on MBC.

ElleJay said...

I would *love* to do this. But every time I try I end up spending way too much. Why does it have to be so expensive??

mommamaven said...

Yes I hear you on the cost, but what I found was that it wasn't really that
much more expensive when shopping at our Sunflowers market, it's a whole
foods place here. The organic food at your regular grocery store is way more
expensive. What we found at the market was that their meat is 100% natural,
free range, etc. And it's probably a couple dollars more for a pound of
beef, but their chicken and everything is almost cheaper than our grocery
store. And with the veggies we are spending maybe an extra 10 dollars a
month which is SO worth it. As far as prepackaged foods they are
considerably more expensive so we've been really good about finding
"non-organic" things that don't contain any "funky" ingredients at our
regular grocery store. I've been pleasantly surprised at what just a little
label reading has done for us!

Mom_of_Many said...

Congratulations! I've seriously thought about doing it, but never have. It's so expensive!! It's almost like they want you to pay more to live healthier. Thank you for stopping by my place today and for your sweet comment. It really means alot to me!

Jaime said...

I tried to do your contact page, but every time I tried to do it, it says wrong code and I am pretty sure I am not getting them wrong! anyway...I just wanted to tell you that I still haven't received the pregnancy pillow that I won in your giveaway a while back? Seems like it has been a while so I wanted to let you know in case something happened! Thanks


milkandcuddles said...

Happy Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower! I love finding new blogs to read:) Good call on organic!

Would you follow me back?

Have a great weekend!


blessing said...

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