Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm losing my mind... Mommy Math

So check out the post below about Post It Note Tuesday.... I wrote how I missed Tuesday because the time change has me all messed up so I was doing it late. Umm yea, yesterday WAS Tuesday... I'm losing my mind for sure.

Infant in 4 month wakeful period + working from home and getting really busy + staying up until 1 every night doing work + crazy snow storms closing things down making you feel like it's the weekend + hubby at home due to snow storm which perpetuates the thinking that it's the weekend + getting ready to go out of town next week = me thinking that Monday is Saturday and Tuesday is Wednesday, day is night, and cooking breakfst for dinner = Me putting the salt shaker in the fridge = I've officially lost my mommy mind = Mommy Brain.

Ya know, just your standard Mommy math...


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