Sunday, March 21, 2010

Help save Kane dog!!! We need the Dog Whisperer up in here!!!!

If you are on Twitter then join me, @themommamaven,  in a campaign to save Kane. His behavioral issues have hit an all time high since bringing HL home. We've tried every method we know of to curb his issues... nothing is working... nothing works consistently. And we're at a complete loss, if he continues at this rate I really don't know what we're going to do, I couldn't imagine giving him up but, honestly, I don't know what else to do if he keeps this up.

I wrote in to the Dog Whisperer almost a year ago about Kane's issues hoping for some help. I am a total fan of Cesar and watch his show every day and I spent many nights thinking of how I could covertly snatch up Daddy from him and keep him for myself. But anyway, our big problem is that Kane does all of these things when we leave, not while we're at home so how are we supposed to address it effectively? I've never seen a Dog Whisperer episode where he addresses this type of problem. Obviously, I never heard anything back from the people at the Dog Whisperer so since this is getting so out of hand I've decided to start a Twitter campaign to try and get Cesar to help save my dog. We desperately need his help.

Kane's always had severe behavioral issues and severe separation anxiety issues but now he's having big time jealousy issues with the baby and constantly marking in the nursery, he's pooping in the nursery. Lately he's been pooping in our room, on our clothes, and he's been jumping the gate and getting into bags and bags of dog food in the kitchen and then marking various things around the house. This is the tip of the iceburg of Kane's issues, but like I said they are amplifying exponentially. We've tried everything, every type of dog training that we know how and it's not doing a thing. We've tried discipline, positive reinforcement, etc. The odd thing is that it's only Kane behaving this way our other 2 dogs don't do anything at all.

Kane is obviously the Alpha male of the 2 males and 1 female that we have, and he acts accordingly. He is protective, dominant, but also extremely sensitive and is great at playing guilt trips on you with those yellow eyes. He is sneaky in every sense of the word. He is obedient, as all of our dogs are, they follow commands and act promptly when instructed so it's not that he doesn't understand good and bad behavior. It's clear that he fully comprehends what he's doing because he cowars in the corner the second we walk in the house which is our clue that he's done something. He knows that he's being bad but doesn't care.

Crating him is not an option, I would love to test any dog product out there that can stand up to Kane! We've tried the plastic crates, he eats his way out of them. We've tried metal crates, he bends them apart and escapes. We welded metal rods to the metal crate to reinforce the strength, he managed to still get out. If we lock him in a room he'll dig up the carpet and destroy the door. Put him outside, he hops our 6 foot fence with ease. So... what are the options?? As you can see I can't think of any, so I'm begging for Cesar's help.

Pease help us in our campaign to save Kane! Log on to your Twitter and tell @CesarMillan to help @TheMommaMaven and Kane and use hashtag #CesarCampaign

You can easily tweet this by clicking here, it will automatically input the tweet for you! Kane and I will thank you!!


three pugs & a baby said...


I'm really sorry you're having so many issues with him. Bentley has a few screws loose, but he is a remorseful dog. The second he acts out, he knows it and adopts the total sad pug face.

Good luck with your quest. Let's go Cesar!

ElleJay said...

Where do you keep him when you leave the house? Our Siberian Husky only acts up while we are gone also, and we found the best place to put her when we leave is in her own room in the basement-cement floors so if she pottys it's not a problem to clean up. We also have a fenced in yard that we leave her in also when we're gone.

ElleJay said...

Ha! I know all about that.. even in her room in the basement she gouged up the door managed to EAT through the drywall and get out! That is why we keep her outside mostly now, and luckily she is too small to jump the gate otherwise I'm sure she would.
Gosh, yah I would say you don't have many more choices now besides a rigged up garage kennel or Cesar. Good luck :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

You don't necessarily need Cesar. Look in your local area for dog trainers. Ask if they use positive reinforcement. If they do, check for references. Victoria Stillwell books are easier for a novice trainer to understand. Ceasar's methods takes a more experienced hand. Consistency is the key.

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