Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Udder Cover- Nursing Cover, yes really it's free!

For all you boob feedin mamas, I praise you and my broken boobs and I are jealous of you. Here's the latest coupon code from Udder Covers, your $32 nursing cover is F-R-E-E, all you pay is shipping which I think is about $9?? Yes it's totally free. I personally have ordered free covers from them twice with no issues. First time was when I found out I was pregnant, second time was several months later. Two codes, two covers, no issues, so don't be afraid, it's legit!

Head on over and use this code Family2010 I personally have a solid pink one and the Porter one, but I'm kind of liking the Carson! What do you think?

And since I was so nice in sharing this information with ya'll won't you be so kind and give this button a click, it will give me a vote on Top Mommy Blogs because I'd like to think that I'm cool enough to have that title :)

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Brandi said...

Thank you so much!! I just ordered one! I ordered the Carson, SUPER cute!

Brandi @ My Cup Runneth Over...and So Does My To Do List!

mommamaven said...

no problem! If I was still breastfeeding I would definitely have ordered the

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