Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally At Peace -Layla Grace

Beautiful angel finally called home.... please pray for Layla's family


WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I saw that. Poor sweet family!

YaYa said...

Was not able to acces the link (maybe it's overloaded) but the title caused my heart to stop! You all (and she) will be in my prayers...this is every mother's horror....for their child to preceed them to the other side....though my beliefs are they are still very much with us...we, in human form, are unable to touch them, kiss them and hug them, except in our minds and this must surely be the hardest part of grieving. God's Blessings! YaYa

mommamaven said...

I know mom, it's heart wrenching. The site is being overloaded, I haven't
been able to log on all day. She has been fighting a stage 4 neuroblastoma
for a while, it came back in January and they were told she had maybe 2-6
months left, she finally passed away this morning. No more suffering, only
peace for that precious baby!

milkandcuddles said...

I have had a heavy heart for this family ever since I heard the news. I hope they are doing okay. Little Layla was such a fighter, and such a sweet little baby. God Bless her.

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