Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 month appt- Thanks but no thanks Doc, Momma's running this ship!

We had HL's 4 month appointment recently, complete with a dose of a-hole doctor. Why is it that I keep getting these doctors? And my little bubba how did you get to 4 months old... I swear I was just in the hospital pushing you out! I laugh at that too because he is SO big now yet he pales in comparison to his peers, he looks like your average 2 month old. Sweet little guy.

He weighed in at 13 lbs 7 oz. and 24 3/4" long! So he's in the 20th percentile for weight, 27th for height, and his head is 39%, that's because he's so smart that his brain needs more room :) I asked the pedi about his head shape and he assured me that it was just fine, a little bit flat in the back but that when he starts to sit up alone that it should work itself out.

The Dr. gave us the order to start weaning him off of the Nutramigen, something I've been so scared to do... and he told us to start him on Stage 1 solids! I almost fell over at how adamant he was. I told him that I wasn't ready to start him on solids yet, that he wasn't ready, and that I wanted to delay it until about 6 months. He questioned my motives and tried to convince me that there was no harm in starting the solids now, no concern for food allergies or incidence of diabetes. He had a 'my way or the highway' attitude and kind of scoffed at me like I was an ignorant annoying first time mom that's been reading too my NYT articles. That's all fine and well Mr. Pedi but guess who's in charge? MOMMA, that's right, I'M in charge here buddy. So no solids for at least another month or so mmkay. I mean I had to question his advice and I called him out on it. I said that the kid hasn't even weaned off of his hypoallergenic formula yet so why the hell would we attempt "real" food until then?? Don't you think his system would be slightly overwhelmed?! He was not impressed with my snark and further tried to convince me saying that at our 6 month appointment we'd be talking about table food. Yea thanks but no thanks, HL won't be eating any steak off of my plate at 6 months either and I'm pretty sure he's going to be just fine. Strike 1 doctor man.

So that's MOMMA'S plan, no solids until just about 6 months. In the meantime we'll attempt to wean the Nutramigen, and no "table foods" until about 9 months. I'm comfortable with my decision, it's a decision based on both my research and education and also knowing my child. I know for a fact he's not ready for solids, it's just one of those "feelings" so I have to trump the Doc in this case.

I also asked him about HL's diaper rash, it had been persisting for about a week unchanged and I was hoping that he could give me some medicated cream while we were there to knock it out. Yea, no such luck, he didn't even look at it. He told me to switch to a different cream, Desitin, Boudreauxs, A&D, etc. Another strike for the pedi, what gives??

I have tried 2 doctors at this practice since he was born and both have failed to impress me. Unfortunately, our insurance has left us stuck at this practice so at his 6 month we'll be trying out yet another doc at this practice, hopefully there's at least ONE that we can like, ONE that can be on the same page as us. Otherwise, I'm constantly having to defend myself and my reasoning during the entire appointment and that gets old really quick. I'm probably already known as "that lady" "the crazy mom" but oh well you have to stand up for what you think is right for your child.

And I'm the one getting the last laugh, sure enough after a week of switching to another diaper cream the rash was still not better, and in fact, is was a lot worse so I marched down there and gave Mr. Pedi a piece of my mind, he called us in a prescription cream, and I made damn sure that next time we wouldn't be forced to waste another trip to come down to the office and prove him wrong, that he would just listen to me the FIRST time.

As for the Nutramigen switch, NOT good! It was a nightmare, he projectile vomitted like the exorcist and screamed incessantly for 3 days so I put the stop to that! We'll try again later. Strike #3 pedi and you're OUTTA HERE...


mommamaven said...

Oh thank you so much for the information!! I am just now getting back to
this comment but I bought some of the Triple Paste and it totally worked!!
We used it for about 3 days and his butt is amazing now :) We were on a
million creams, then the Nystatin for the yeast and nothing was working, we
just got put on oral antibiotics but I only gave him 1 dose because the
Triple paste worked so well!! So thank you for the info!

Cybil@BigPotofCrazy said...

Wow - 4 months is so young to start weaning off the Nutramigen. We had both of our kids on Alimentum until they were about 9 months or so. At that time, we weaned them off of the Alimentum and very soon after onto milk. That is what our pedi recommended, and it worked great! It really surprises me that these pediatricians are not more consistent.

Incidentally I found you from the Mommyologist through her Triple Paste giveaway, and I wanted to let you know that Triple Paste is seriously awesome stuff for diaper rash! We used it on both of our kids. The other cream I have heard good things about is Butt Paste - but I have never used it. One other thing to watch for - my daughter ended up with a fungus on her little bottom. We had a heck of a time with that, and the pedi prescribed an ointment to kill the fungus - over the counter wasn't working.

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