Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vote for us! Vote for us!

Denver has a magazine called 5280 and they do an issue every year called Top of the Town where consumers vote on their favorite things from best coffee house to best dog groomer. So we're campaigning for votes if you all would so kindly oblige us!

Click here to get your ballot they will ask for your email address to send the ballot to you. (they won't spam you, it's just a way to validate the ballots) Open your email and click the link that they give you, this will take you to the voting. There are a billion categories to vote in, you DON'T have to fill out all of them, just look to the rightside of the page where it says "Jump To Category" and select People. There will be a section for best blog/blogger and best entrepreneur. You can copy and paste this into each category and submit vote, that's it!

Best Blogger: Momma Maven In the Making

Best Entrepreneur: Shaun Farrell, 5280 Home Construction (this is my hubby and he would love your votes too :)

Thank you thank you thank you, we really appreciate it ya'll!!


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