Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hooray for V-Day!

I must say I love the holiday, it's so romantic if you want it to be. Some people criticize it saying that it's just all about commercializing love and driving consumer sales. I have to disagree, yes our consumer land benefits from the officially declared holiday of love but that's not what it's about for me. In the craziness of life it's so easy to become complacent and forget about the love in our lives. Especially with a new baby, when the heck do you find time to nuzzle and cuddle your significant other and remind them of how much they mean to you? I am grateful to Saint Valentine for giving me a reminder and an excuse to tell my husband how much I love him since I know there is no way I could do that often enough. I'm grateful for the subtle kick in the butt to put forth the effort in our marriage that may have slipped away over the years. It gives us a chance to "rekindle the flame" to remember what it was like when we were newly dating, remember the butterflies, remember the fact that we held hands every single time we were in the car, remember all of the memories of the journey we've taken to get to this place in life.

So in the spirit of mi amore do me a favor and peel back the layers of chocolate covered strawberries, red long stem roses, and oodles of Hallmark cards that make you cry and remember what this holiday REALLY means, and get something out of it. Cherish the love you have for your partner, the love you have for your child and family, the things that have been neglected.

As for our V-day, I personally woke up to 2 cards, one from my hubby and one from my 3 month old son reading "Happy Valitines Day" it was precious. And we will be sitting on the couch together sharing tissues, no not from the sappy cards, but because hubbs and I managed to get sick somehow... So while you're out loving on your Valentine picture us sitting here in our PJ's, drinking tea, eating Sudafed, and running through 30 boxes of Kleenex..... how romantic... sniff   sniff   a-choo   ;)


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