Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Survey companies I use myself that I recommend

Here's a list of the various companies that I have signed up with along with a description of how that particular site works and my opinion of it. If you're debating whether or not to join the survey world I would pursue these companies first and add more if you are interested.

The Survey List

Opinion Outpost: I get a handful of surveys from them a week. They pay pretty well usually $2-$3 and have a $5 cash out level! This system is very organized, very easy to follow, and one of my favorites. You also receive the chance to enter a sweepstakes or instant win if you don't qualify for a survey rather than getting nothing which is nice. You are always redirected back to them after completing your survey as opposed to other sites that leave you hanging wondering if you received credit or not. I like the way this site is set up the best.

Survey Saavy: I get a limited amount of surveys from them, maybe 3 total so far and I haven't qualified for any yet. However they pay very well if you DO qualify, I've seen $9-$25 per survey.

Clear Voice Surveys: This company sends me about 5 or so a week. They pay on the lower end from about .50 to $1.50 and it takes a while for them to credit your account. The cash out level is only $10. The main problem I've seen is that you have to jump on their survey invites quickly otherwise they meet their quota. One good thing about them is that they offer you .10 if you don't qualify for their surveys which adds up pretty quickly. Also a very organized system.

Daily Survey Panel: This company warehouses a TON of surveys and is very confusing at first. I hated it until I used it for a good few weeks and saw the reward points come piling in. They have a list of available surveys that you can take and then they have their DAILY surveys. There are 3 daily surveys they send you every day. So there is no shortage of survey opportunities with them. They basically are a middleman for several other survey sites and they refer you out to take surveys on other sites. The problem I had was that their system is not organized well, your points don't get credited until a day or so later so it's hard to track. The other confusing aspect is that you are supposed to continually attempt to take a survey UNTIL you qualify, so essentially you open your first survey and could try 10 times before actually getting to take one. That part is not good but if you're persistent and put up with it the rewards add up very very quickly. Their cashout is only $10 and they will do a Paypal transfer. Once you get the hang of this site it is fine but at first it is very confusing and annoying.

EPoll: This is a poll company where all you do is answer polls. I've done just a couple, they are usually surrounding pop culture and kind of fun. Reward can be used for cash or for a ton of gift cards to things from Home Depot to Red Lobster.

Bakerstreet: Haven't done anything with them yet but they only send you product test opportunities. No emails, no surveys, they only contact you when they have a product to test. Easy!

Baby Center Moms Panel:  Haven't received any invitations for this company yet but it came highly recommended especially if you have children.

C2 Research: From what I've been told they rarely send you any surveys but when they do they pay extremely well from $75-$200!!

Send Earnings: A company I joined recently, they have a $5 sign on bonus and they give you surveys AND paid emails which is a weird concept. They pay you just to open emails. I get 2-3 paid emails a day, click them, and I get about 2 cents per which isn't much but again adds up quickly and requires literally NO effort.

Inbox Dollars: Owned by the same company above, exactly identical in every way.

Sites I've Recently Joined
Covergirl Advisory Panel: Umm awesome! Haven't tested anything yet for them but who in the world would pass up the opportunity to try out make up for fun! Not even sure if you get paid but you certainly get free product, so I'm in!

Vocalpoint: I have not been a member of this long enough to comment personally but this was highly recommended. They send goodies, coupons, and product tests in the mail and occasionally offer paid focus groups, so I signed up recently.

My Survey: Haven't received any qualified surveys yet from them but they have a very organized site and only a $10 cash out level.

So those are the companies I recommend for now, I will be sure to post again if I join any other good sites!


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