Sunday, February 14, 2010

Momma's got a brand new bag...

Ok well not a new bag, but take a look around, something's new!! We have a whole new look!! (again)!!You know I am kind of a freak about things... I seem to change my mind constantly... and this is just the product of one of those moments. I was bored with the old blog, ready for a facelift, so voila... new blog.

Now it is NO where near done! As good as I may be at html coding, I have found myself stumped with this one, so I'm waiting for an "expert" to help me out and fix some things here. Notice those weird red things at the post titles.... yea, I hate them too so they need to GO! Notice how overwhelming everything seems, too much going on, yea I see that too and I'm going to fix it. And see the pages like Contact Me, yep they don't work yet. But for now it's coming along, a work in progress. Kind of like a new pair of shoes, you love love love them when you buy them and over time you're bored and ready for a new pair, thus is my blog. So don't be surprised if we head down this road again a time or two in the future ;)


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