Monday, February 22, 2010

A Juggling Act: learning to manage business, a baby, and keeping a healthy relationship

So the blog has been a little bit neglected lately. And it has been on purpose. The hubby and I had a long discussion last week and it turns out that our relationship has been neglected while we have been trying to figure out how to balance all of the plates in the air.

This last year has been extremely stressful for us. There have been some major life changes in our household. You take the stress of a new baby, the economic times, and being self employed and it's a recipe for disaster. Our mission is to find a way to manage it all and we've been hanging on by a thread lately.

We are both self employed and while that may seem like an ideal circumstance I am here to offer you the other side of the equation. When you own your own business your entire life is consumed with it whether you like it or not. You literally work 24/7 and then even find yourself dreaming about work. It is certainly a double-edged sword. I spend every waking moment handling something from both businesses whether it's running bids, customer service, sending out orders, answering emails, pitching my products, you name it. I have become addicted, in a way, to the computer because of this, because I'm constantly on the laptop doing work. So when my husband arrives home from work I have a hard time shifting gears. It has just snowballed to where we'll literally speak to eachother for a total of 10 minutes in the evenings while sitting next to each other working on the computers. It was certainly time for both of us to open our eyes and strive to make a change.

Not only has it been hard adjusting to getting the same amount of work done when half of my time is taken up with caring for Holden, but the past year has come with the added stress of our business dropping by about half. With the housing market in the tank our business has suffered greatly which has meant a major adjustment to the way we do things. It's hard to turn the switch off in the evening and focus on each other on our family. But we're here to make it work, there has never been a challenge presented to me that I haven't tackled.

So after our long discussion we both agreed that it was time to find "US" again, it was time to start cooking together in the kitchen again, time to start snuggling on the couch again, time to go for walks in the evenings again. All of these things that have taken a backseat, will no longer be put on the back burner.

The best thing about my marriage and my husband is that we ALWAYS come together in the end. There hasn't been one circumstance in our 6 years together that has ever pulled us apart, instead it's quite the opposite, we come out so much stronger in the end. We have amazing communication, we make an amazing team, and we love each other with as much passion today as we had when we first met. So if you find the posts slowing down and the orders taking longer to ship and the emails not getting answered right away, I'm sorry but my family and my marriage come first, and I think all of us could stand to be reminded of this.

My challenge to all of you- turn off the tv, shut down the computer, and engage in a good old fashioned conversation over a glass of wine. Reconnect with your loved one, it will do wonders for your relationship and strengthen your foundation together.


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