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Entry open from February 4th to February 13th.
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So how do you win? Well this giveaway offers you multiple chances to win because we've teamed up with some fan-tab-u-lous mommy bloggers out there to do a group giveaway! So become a follower here and then go visit our friends!! They are hilarious, wonderfully entertaining, and moms just like you. We're all trying to figure out this motherhood thing and we all love free stuff. In order to win become a follower and leave an entry on each of the participating blogs.

About your entry.... In the spirit of the LOVEY dovey holiday approaching you will need to share with us your favorite pick up line or the worst pick up line that you've had the pleasure of hearing. Us mommies need some entertainment and need to reminsce about the dating years while we deal with poopie diapers, so humor us. Each of us will pick our favorite from our blog, these winners will be pooled. and an ultimate winner will be chosen. Stay tuned to hear about the winner because for all of you NON winners, we still love you, and you will receive a 10% discount code to use on Bella's gear!

So get to blog hopping!! Leave an entry on each of the following... and if you happen to fall in love with us then do us a favor and VOTE for each of us on Top Mommy Blogs!!

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mrs.messi said...

My sister has lovely amber colored eyes. Once a guy said, "Your eyes are the color of urine." WORST pick-up line!

lisa.messier @

Victoria said...

My name is Victoria so every guy I meet feels the need to wink at me and say "so what's your secret?" Makes me roll my eyes everytime

Lindsey said...

The worst pick-up line I’ve gotten wasn’t actually a line… more like a look. Almost seven years ago, while hanging out at a party in college, I see this hot guy staring at my boobs with the creepiest grin on his face. And, now that I’m married to that hottie, I know that his disturbing stare was actually his attempt to hit on me. Luckily, I gave the guy a chance to prove that he wasn’t the creep he seemed…

The best pick-up line I’ve gotten was during my sophomore year in college. While getting on the elevator of my co-ed dorm, this same hot guy follows me in and we smile at each other. Then, he says: “So, is that a whistle on your keychain?” Me: “Um…yep.” Seven years later, he’s now my husband. And, it wasn’t until recently that he told me that was his attempt to hit on me. Poor guy. I consider it the best pick-up line because of how sweet and innocent it was…. Just like him. :)

Wait… both of my pick-up lines were from the same guy. Maybe he’s the only guy to ever hit on me? Or, maybe he’s just so bad at pick-up lines that his are the only ones I remember!

Katie said...

This pickup line was never used ON me, but I've been told numerous stories about times my husband has used it (previous to me)...


Yes, an honest to goodness catcall, followed by fake kisses.


How he got girls is beyond me.

LCW said...

Hey beautiful. Wanna measure the coefficient of friction between you and me?

Jamie said...

GRABBING A$$...Excuse me, is this seat taken?

CaneWife said...

The worst… “I’m leaving for basic training tomorrow. Don’t you want to give a blow job to the man who’s going to be fighting for your freedom?”

Um. No. No, I don’t. But thanks for your sacrifice! Good luck to you!

The best… Yeah, I don’t know if there IS a best. I think that’s the nature of the pick-up line. They make you feel all squicky.

Nikkinorfolk said...

The best pickup line is when Ryon(now my husband) asking if I wanted to get coffee. Simple and straight forward!

Jess said...

Best of the worst:

Him: When's your birthday?
Me: January 17th
Him: What year?
Me: 1986
Him: Oh! So that's the day God invented beauty!


mrsthig said...

Worst- If you were a burger at McDonald’s you’d be the McGorgeous.

umm..barf! anyone who incorporates a McDonald’s cheeseburger in a pickup line should be shot.

Best- Would have to come from my now husband. We barely knew each other and casually went to dinner with my best friend at O’Charleys and he sat across from me beside her. I was confused because I thought he liked me not her! Turns out later on that night he tells me that he wanted to sit across from me so he could see and chat with me better. Lame i know…but it obviously worke

Amie said...

The worst in my case was at a club…a guy came up to my best friend and asked her if she liked to dance, when she replied “yes” he told her to go dance so he could talk to me. Yeah, I really want to chat it up with a guy who treats my friend like crap!

My favorite was also at a club. Call me a sucker, but I fell for it. He came up to me and said “see those guys over there?…they bet me $20 that I couldn’t carry a conversation with the most beautiful girl here. Want to have some drinks with me at their expense?”

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Best pick-up line: Not even a line, per se, but the smoothest attempt I have ever witnessed. I was at my office Christmas party at an upscale restaurant, sitting next to my "date" (a set-up... it wasn't happening). It was time for the food to come, and a cute waiter that was not ours delivered my plate to me, so deftly slipping something under my plate that I barely noticed it. I scooted the plate aside to see a note. I quickly moved it into my lap before my date noticed and read "I don't know if you're with the guy you're sitting next to, but I would never forgive myself if I didn't ask you out." Needless to say, he got my number and we went out for a few months. Way to make a girl feel incredible!

Worst: A group of football players following me around campus, with one repeating "I like your jeans," over and over again. For the record, they were really hot jeans.

Neither of these were from my husband, but that was more of a instantaneous lust at first sight situation. :)

Emily said...

A friend and I were walking down the street once when a guy stopped us and said, "Are you two from Tennessee?" When we said no, he replied, "Well, you're the only tens I see." We laughed in his face and walked away.

emster259 at

Jackie at 3littleones said...

Here's the worst I heard said to a friend of mine

Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!

Jacqui and Stuart Avery said...

Worst Pick Up Line: "Soo (Slurred with Drunkeness) I heard a rumor you liked me"... NOT anymore!

Toni said...

“Wow, Toni is a really masculine name for such a pretty girl”. Huh? Insult and compliment in one?

Mrs. Wonder said...

My husband asked me out with a piece of paper that had Will you go out with me? done with the dashes so i would have to fill in the letters, like so... _ _ _ _ _ _ _... etc.
Only, he didn't do the words right.
I gave it back to him and said I couldn't figure it out, so he had to redo it.
Hey, he as a shy high school sophomore...

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