Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fallen of the weight loss wagon

Umm yea... and trust me you don't want to see a picture of what that means exactly, it's kind of scary. I'm almost tempted to tell people that I'm pregnant again so that I can avoid the awkward stares. They glance at my mid section and then at my baby and back again as they're trying to deduce how old the child is and whether it is socially acceptable that I have a slight spare tire lingering or if possibly I may have another bun baking. I can hear their wheels turning... how nice.

So hubbs has P90X, he bought the program before our wedding to whip himself into shape, I watched it and it's brutal. And my new decision has come down to, do I go for the P90X OR do I go for the highly recommended 30 Day Shred with self proclaimed sadist Ms. Jillian Michaels. Decisions.. decisions.. but here's one decision I was able make, I'm fat and something needs to be done, I mean it's almost swimsuit season ::::shudder::::: And for all of you who know me who are rolling your eyes at the comment that I'm "fat" yea yea yea I know, but I'm my own worst critic and all the matters is that I'm happy with myself, so if calling myself fat is enough motivation to get my butt working out then so be it.

And this is going to be a group effort folks, I'm all about peer pressure, make that "spousal pressure" because if I'm going to bust my booty and try to eat better and work out then guess who's going to get down and dirty with me, yep that's right hubbs! I don't believe "for fat or thin" was part of the vows so it's time to climb out of the denial cave and get it going!


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