Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Pee.... on the couch... yes on the COUCH!

So I had a major mommy fail this morning! Poor Holden, you're going to be one tough cookie when I'm done with you. We had a nice peaceful morning, got out of bed, got some breakfast- the usual nummy Nutramigen bottle, hung out with the sting ray on the couch, chatted and played, watched some tv. Great morning, but I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't go to sleep after his typical hour and a half of wake time. So I scooted him back up in the Boppy to give him his pacifier and oh... my.... gosh.... there was a pool of pee the size of a dinner plate underneath him!!

Um yes, yours truly, Mom of the YEAR, forgot the whole CHANGE the diaper part of the morning routine!!! ::::slaps forehead:::: you've got to be kidding me, I totally forgot to change him when we woke up before giving him his bottle. And this goes to show you that my child could care less if he has pee in his hair and poop up to his ears, he doesn't complain! So I have to be diligent about changing him on a schedule rather than waiting for him to fuss because he's wet himself. I mean the kid was sopping wet, onesie completely drenched, sweat pants that could be rung out, socks soaked... and he was just happily playing with the sting ray. (which reminds me, since Mr. Ray has become such a favorite, I think he should have a name... any suggestions?)

So sorry Holden for being a horrible mommy this morning and letting you play in your pee pool. Now I have a child to bathe, a couch to clean, and laundry to do including the changing pad because his clothes were so wet that they drenched the changing pad while I got them off of him...


CaneWife said...

Oh, no! We all have our mommy fails, though. Tomorrow is another day. :)

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