Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We broke the hundreds!!

<----On Top Mommy Blogs... woo hoo! keep the voting going :)


metta1313 said...

I want to get on this train...put some ads up and make some extra money. Any tips for me. You seem to be doing great.

Momma Maven said...

well I'm just starting out so I'm learning too! But basically I'm trying to list my blog wherever I can to get more and more followers who hopefully find my ramblings interesting ;) So I listed myself on the Top Mommy Blogs and Baby Blogs and then The Mom Blogs and Mom Blog Network. I'll keep going when I find more!

Have you added adsense to your page yet? You can do that by adding a "widget" or whatever and clicking on "adsense" that way you get paid when people click on your google ads! It's slow though, I think I have 32 cents so far ha!

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