Saturday, January 2, 2010

Watch out blogosphere!

Again, I have to lead in with the fact that I HATE the term blogosphere... anywhoo I just wanted to toot my own horn for a moment on how good I'm getting at html coding and blogging mania. I was able to change the template of my blog to 3 columns, I learned how to format all of the text, background, and details, I learned how to create a banner and put the code underneath it so that all of you lovelies out there can spread the word of my glorious ramblings :) Go ahead and grab my badge already!

Next up will be tabbed content pages with the addition of Music Monday posts and if I'm feeling brave enough a photo-documentary of me shedding the baby bulge and toning up for the summer bikini! So YAY for me, I'm figuring this out.

And AHEM...ahem.... if you didn't notice, please VOTE for me on the Top Baby Blogs & Top Mommy Blogs buttons to the left!!! I will make it worth your while with more ramblings, rants, and reviews in the future...Chow for now!


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