Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mompreneur Of The Year Awards

Huh... I'm debating whether or not to enter this... but nonetheless I thought that this description was perfect! Being a mom and a business owner is a juggling act, people frequently ask me how I do it and all I can say is that somehow I make it work... you have no other choice! I'm still learning and will continue to learn as we add to our family. My best advice is that you have to set your priorities and have definite boundaries between work time and family time. But back to that description... so true....

Being a mompreneur® takes a special kind of woman. A mompreneur® is a natural-born multi-tasker. She's patient, works well under pressure, handles her workload with ease and manages to get it all done, and do it successfully, with children and a household to look after.


Tisha Marie Pelletier said...

Hi Momma Maven.

As the host and creator of this event (I'm a mompreneur, too), I definitely think you should enter. Don't doubt yourself for even one minute. Even having one child and a business is a lot of work. You DO balance life, family and business and you're good at it so why not enter? It's no cost to enter, and if you win, it can do big things for your business. Trust me. :)


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