Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flame Free Friday Confessions

So this is something that goes on at the Bump... it's an FFFC where you can admit or discuss anything you want to or may be embarrassed about and no one can "flame you" or get on your case about it. I figured I'd open my blog to FFFC's... share some of my trials, tribulations, mistakes, and anxieties with ya'll. But remember, NO flames please :)

Kicking off this week a little late... I'll throw a couple confessions out there...

I have to admit, I love to play Call of Duty on XBOX. I know, pathetic right lol! Most of the hubby's out there are the only ones who even know what Call of Duty is and the wives probably hate it with a passion because it consumes any and all of their free time. But yes, yours truly is a COD fan and I'm not gonna lie, I'm damn good at it. I challenge any of your hubbies out there to a match. Shaun can vouch for me "she'll kick your butt, she kicks my butt all the time" So yes, pathetic as it is, I am a COD master who'd have known... now you do!

Next up, I am a horrible housekeeper, I am getting a lot better now with the little guy around but yes I hate cleaning and put it off as long as possible. I think it stems from my anal mother (yes Mom, you are anal and you know it :) we were forced to clean and do so many chores as children that I think I am subconciously revolting against it in my adulthood. Ha I need a shrink (funny enough Mom's a shrink too, I promise I couldn't make this stuff up!) My nemisis is laundry... I am too embarrassed to even show you a picture of our bar/game room because it is literally CONSUMED with laundry. Granted it is clean and folded, but it is sitting in about 6 or 7 laundry baskets in the game room... Who even OWNS 6 or 7 laundry baskets!! Yep we do and it's just the 2 of us... well now 3 of us. I can't even believe that I admit that it takes hubbs and I a good couple of months to put the laundry away, in the meantime we dig around in the clean laundry baskets in the game room to dress ourselves. UGH... see admitting this crap gives me motivation to get my butt in gear so I'm glad I'm sharing it.

And the last confession of the week.... I still work daily on my self esteem issues. I may come across as a confident outgoing individual who has it all together, but really I don't. I grew up being told that it I am just as beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside but I seemed to always have a poor self image. Then I got into a relationship in highschool and was unfortunately cheated on for 4 years by my high school sweetheart. Well you can imagine what this did for the self esteem... it was rock bottom and I still find myself falling back into that mindset at times. Now that I'm a mom I find that it's almost worse because I'm constantly comparing myself to other moms, hoping that I stack up... And we have the whole post partum body image crap thanks to what pregnancy does to your body. So it is something that I struggle with on a daily basis but I guess on the upside at least I realize it and it's something that I can work on.

Ok so there's my confessions for the week, an insight into my world in suburbia-land :)


Anonymous said...

This from the mom shrink:
I am NOT anal....well ok maybe a little :)I think I might have actually figured out how to post a comment so I can defend myself. I wait for the day my beautiful daughter truly believes she is beautiful inside and out as I've told her since before she understood what I was saying...that one night in the nursery with just you and were about a week was about 2am...the house was quiet and I was nursing you....looking into those deep blue eyes (much like HL's)...and I knew...we'd been together before...I love you daughter and am so damned proud of you! mom

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