Friday, January 22, 2010

Flame Free Confessions... the weight battle

Ok I'm admitting it... I have gained back the extra weight that I lost thanks to my PPD... I'm back to my "pre-pregnancy" weight which you'd think would be great... but it's not. I had gained 10 lbs while we were trying to conceive in hopes that the extra body fat would equal extra estrogen which would equal more success at the baby makin process. Ugh so really now I'm 10 lbs OVER what I want to be, what I SHOULD be. Yuck, that's all I can say, yuck. It is surely due to the fact that I have been drinking WAAY too much beer in an effort to cope with the colicky child.

Now that the colic seems to be a thing of the past it's time to chill out on the beer consumption, like really chill out! I've been drinking 5 or so beers a night for 9 weeks and it's not "light" beer either it's a carbo-calorie-rich Irish Red. So I can't say that I'm surprised by my little spare tire that appears at times to resemble my 14 week pregnant belly. And admission is the first step... thank you ugly spare tire for making me realize that I either need to quickly get pregnant again so that I have an excuse for you OR I need to make the switch to water instead of water with hops and barley.


Brianna said...

I just saw the photos of your first swim. I have ten lbs to loose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and I still won't look that good. Keep the curves you look nice.

Momma Maven said...

aww thank you! It means a lot :)

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