Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busting The Baby Bulge!!

Ab Lounge Ultra Sport Abdominal ExerciserThe Ab Lounger is coming out of the basement tonight and will be cleverly placed in the living room in front of the tv so I have no excuse not to use it. And for anyone who doesn't know, I highly recommend this thing, it makes doing sit ups/crunches so easy you really don't feel like you're doing anything, which is MY kind of work out!! Some back story here, I have already lost all of my pre pregnancy weight plus another 5 or so pounds. I know, I know, you can hate me, I can't take credit for it, it just came off. At 5 days post partum I was back down and wearing my old jeans. But the tummy is a little more, how shall I put it, jello-y than I'd prefer so I'll be busting my ass to get back in shape for summer.

I actually have a goal to get back to my highschool weight and figure (well ok, the boobs can stay, but the rest of my new body can go back) I was about 15 lbs lighter in highschool with great abs, skinny thighs, and no butt. I can thank cheerleading for this, our workouts and practices were out of this world. 5 days a week we conditioned for an hour, then practiced for an hour, then went to the games to cheer. We ran 2 or more miles a day, threw humans around in the air (well actually I was the one getting tossed, which I can assure you is just as much work!), and worked our butts off! Top that with my daily weight lifting class and well you get the idea. Here's a picture of me fresh out of highschool doing a calendar shoot for Hotrods & Hotties...

Now you can see why this is my inspiration pic! I have no doubt that I can achieve this. I come from a family of very health conscious people, I grew up knowing good and bad things to eat and therefore I eat pretty healthy. Anything in moderation is the key. I've never been one to diet, I hate diets, and let me be the first to tell you.... they DON'T WORK! You have to be willing to change your lifestyle if you want to see lasting results otherwise you'll play the yo yo game. And a diet would never work for me, this girl LOVES to eat. Honestly I eat probably 6-8 times a day, I'm like an infant ha! I'm constantly eating and I'm famous for having a second dinner 40 minutes after finishing my first dinner. Those of you who know me are probably laughing right now because it's so true!

I'll tell you one diet that worked for me, ending up with Postpartum Depression! The anxiety killed my appetite like a heart attack, I literally ate nothing for an entire week... seriously! I dropped weight like a lead balloon which brought me to 12 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. Luckily I've regained about half of that. But if that's the kind of diet I have to be on to lose weight... um NO thanks.... I'll stay fluffy forevah!

So once I tone up this baby jello I'm going to need a fabulous swimsuit to show off my new rockin' Mom bod, check below and help me choose a bikini! And who am I kidding, I need NO excuse to buy another swimsuit.... I have a slight obsession.... probably own around 60 swimsuits. Hello, my name is Ashleigh and I'm addicted to swimsuits, yes it's a problem. But do me a favor and make sure that the money I spend on this new one is worth my while!


Nicole said...

I don't hate you, I ended up in prepregnancy jeans within a week after having Aidan, too. And I am also about 5lbs under my starting weight. I am not where as tiny as you are though!! I'm sure you'll reach your goals. Good luck!

metta1313 said...

I wouldn't say "hate" but I am jealous of your weight loss. (I removed the previous post b/c I misspelled something and I couldn't figure out how to edit it.)

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