Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Carriers- The Male Perspective :)

Here's Hubby's review of our various baby carriers... yes we have a few... yes I'm glad we have all of them... yes I'd buy each of them again! I realized I had a picture of him with every single one of them and decided to get his opinion for a review post, it's not every day the daddies get to hear the male side of product reviews ha!

The Baby Bjorn: This is his fave I guess... he says it's comfortable and he doesn't feel stupid wearing it (the main concern HA!) I for the life of me couldn't figure out how to get the thing on but he says he has no trouble. "Once you figure it out it's easy." He says the straps are more comfortable and it "seems" safer because it has locks and buttons and so forth. So he'll carry the colicky child around while cooking dinner and both boys seem to enjoy themselves...

The Infantino Easy Rider: I got this one at Target for $15.00, the same concept as a Bjorn but cheaper, so why not. Now this one I was able to get on and Hubbs says he likes this type of carrier. What he likes about the Infantino is that it has pockets and a burp cloth so you don't get spit up on your clothes. He says it's smaller than the Bjorn so Holden will likely outgrow it quicker. But for the price difference he says he'd probably go with the Infantino if he had to choose because he likes them both.

The Moby Wrap:  Here's how this went "Do you like the Moby?" "No." "Really? Why not?" "It pulls my shirt all weird and I think I look retarded" yes those are the words right out of his mouth as I sit here typing. HA! So much for getting a gender neutral color (red) so that he wouldn't feel "feminine" wearing it. Dork! But I'm not so sure.... he looks pretty comfy with his beer in hand cooking dinner, don't you think!

The Jelly Bean Sling: So he likes this one, go figure, the only one with girlie flowers all over it! Here's how this one went "Really you like the sling?" "Yea, it's way better than the Moby." "Are you serious! Why?" "Are you kidding, it's so much easier. Unlike the Moby where I have to spiderweb myself into it! It's stupid!" Ok I'll give him that, it does take longer to put the Moby on... but at least the weight is dispersed on both shoulders, with the sling your arm gets tired.

And there you have the XY chromosome's take on babby carrying! :)


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