Thursday, January 28, 2010

And a giveaway... from the Maven's personal business... stay tuned!

Ok ya'll so as you know, I own my own business.... and it just so happens to be one that all of us could use and love but I've tried to be very careful in promoting it with the blog because my blog is for my life not really for my business. I already have marketing plans and PR firms to handle my business so other than putting an ad on my page and an occasional mention of a new product I won't bombard my readers with ads for my business! :)

But I figured if anyone was in a position to do a great giveaway it would be me. I do a handful of blog review giveaways a year for marketing purposes and this year I'll be doing a couple with my own blog and with some fellow bloggers.

So stay tuned, the giveaway drawing will be held on Valentine's Day! This particular giveaway is for a Personalized Mommy Tee! You'll be in good company wearing yours, among our fans, Jessica Alba has her very own "Honor's Mom" tee. There will be ways for you to enter multiple times for a better chance at winning. You may make one entry on all of the participating blogs and the winners will be drawn from there. I will have more details soon on how and when to enter!

***This giveaway will be offered to 4 fellow bloggers, if you are interested in participating in any upcoming group giveaways later this year please email me your blog information and I will contact you when I host the next giveaway ashleigh [at] bellabmaternity [dot] com***


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