Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 month survey!

How old: 10 weeks down!

Weight: I'm guessing about 10 lbs maybe a little bit more (he was 9# 9 at his 2 month appt which is the 10th percentile)

Height: He was at 21 1/4" which is about 3%

Milestones: working on sitting up, loves to roll over when he's on my chest, cooing more and more each day

Eating: Still on the Nutramigen formula. We're at 4-6 oz. per feeding right now, and he goes every 4 hours during the day and about 6 at night

Sleeping: He will usually go at least 6 hours at night from 10:00-4:00, if we're lucky we get an extra hour or so! Still sleeping in the pack n play in our room but he did nap in his crib for the first time this week!

Favorite moment: nothing specific, I'm just loving his overall improved demeanor! And I guess my favorite thing thus far was when he slept for 8 hours straight the night he received his shots... how can we get him to do that again??!

Worst moment: our 2 month war battle appointment with the Physicians Assistant who refused to listen to what was going on or offer any productive suggestions.

Looking forward to: I can't wait until his colic is GONE gone gone!!! And I can't wait to get a full night's sleep when the child sleeps through the night consistently.... wow that would be sooo amazing!

Newly found wisdom? The moment you dress your child in your favorite outfit they will undoubtedly ruin it with a diaper blow out! On a more serious note, I am working hard at the sleeping thing therefore I'm studying some books and theories, mainly Baby Wise. I have discovered the importance of the LENGTH of the awake time and how even 5 minutes can make or break your entire naptime. I'm also learning to watch his cues more and see how they correspond to our current scheduling.

Daddy quote of the week: "I powdered his butt this morning.... he liked it" followed by me saying Oh really? Did he tell you so? This was after a discussion about why people no longer powder babies butts, I don't know why... and grandpa insists that we are crazy for NOT powdering him.... what can I say, no one really does that anymore, ya got me?


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