Thursday, August 27, 2009

Find of the day!! PickySticky

LOVE this idea.... why didn't I think of it darn! I just ordered a set. They are stickers that you place on babies onesie to take their photos for 1 month 2 months, 3 months, etc. That way you aren't buying a separate outfit for each month. You just peel and stick these on, take the picture, and that's it!
Can't beat it for $13.00

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goodies for my little man!

So I've been collecting things... yes I know we still have the shower coming up but I can't help myself ok. Here's a few of the latest awesome things we have found...


Of course I found a Bob Marley onesie and motocross jersey onepiece, co cute!!

And a super soft blankie from our friends at Ambajam! We got the teal turtle version. And the pacifier I found that I must have!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destination Maternity Trip!

Found out that we have a Destination Maternity at our local mall! I didn't know this... somehow. Anyway, I got myself some cute nursing tops on sale and a couple long sleeve hoodie nursing tops for fall. Here's my favorite one that I had to buy!

And I broke down and got some Palmer's Cocoa Butter to see what it can do for my boobs....

Back to Destination Maternity, I must say they have the right idea there! You walk in and they've got a ton of maternity clothes, undergarments, lotions, PJ's, you name it. But the best part is that they have an area in the middle of the store with toys and such for the kiddos and they have a "Man" area with a huge flat screen tv and comfy chairs! My husband loved it. I gave him a book from the shelves "Father to Son" and told him to sit down and entertain himself while I shopped. He didn't make one complaint while I shopped and even finished reading the little book! He liked the book so much that he told me to buy it for him!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nursery Inspiration & Details

The nursery is coming along more and more! We got our glider recently (thank you Aunt M!) and got our changing table at American Furniture (it's actually a TV cabinet but works perfectly!)

This is the bedding we got from Pottery Barn, the Chase collection. It goes nicely with our striped walls and vintage-y theme. It's a grown up set that can grow with the little guy which is what I wanted. No pastels or Winnie The Pooh here!

I am in LOVE with this print I found and I'm using it to tie in the lime green accents in baby's nursery. I ordered this pillow on Etsy and I'm adding little pops of the lime throughout the room.

I ordered these wall decals, one is his monogram for over the crib, the other is a number montage that I thought was adorable. And the last is a tree decal that I'm going to use as a growth chart by stacking the trees and painting the lines and numbers on the wall. Can't wait for them to arrive!!

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Week 25: “Your Boobs are Huge!”

I love my friends dearly because they keep me checked into reality. We had a fun night out with some friends the other night and this was the first thing out of one of their mouths. Hysterical! (I then filled them in on the boob issue…) We had a good time wandering the streets of Lodo, I undoubtedly being the only preggo in the bars! It was quite amusing to see just how much my life has changed from the “bar hopping” days. Don’t get me wrong I still love to go out and have a good time but it was very interesting to see versions of myself prancing and dancing around the bars almost like I’d gone back in a time warp. It made me realize how happy I am at where I have landed in life.

The average person still doesn’t quite realize that I’m pregnant, especially in the right outfit. At the golf course recently we had a conversation with the starter about only playing 9 holes, the starter would rather we play 18 and I told him that this was fine as long as we had a cart… while grabbing my belly I said “I guess I can manage 5 hours IF we have a cart!” Well a few minutes later the starter comes out to inform us “not to worry” he has paired us with another “beginner” couple so we should be ok. Shaun looked at him puzzled saying ‘she’s really pretty good, she got a hole in one in Februrary…” It turns out that the starter thought we only wanted to play 9 holes because we were beginners! When I informed him it was because I was pregnant he looked at my belly and said REALLY?? OH! And was very concerned about making sure I didn’t hit any bumps while driving the cart. It was all pretty amusing. But that’s the truth, the belly is still little, people’s jaws drop when I tell them I’m 6 ½ mos pregnant… It usually starts with the “when are you due” question and I say Thanksgiving and they start counting on their hands and look at me with wonder…

I am getting very excited about the baby shower coming up! It is 3 weeks away now and I am giddy thinking about it. It’s kind of like another wedding event, something to look forward to, fun with family and friends, I LOVE it! My mother in law and sister’s in law are throwing it for the hubby and I. Yes, we are doing a co-ed shower! The whole high tea, cookies, and women gossiping thing isn’t exactly my style so bring on the boys, they add a completely different dimension to the occasion. Men and babies, you have no choice but to have fun! The shower will be held Labor Day weekend, fitting of course…

I can’t believe that I’m almost onto the third trimester… Hubbs was a little freaked out when they started talking about pre-term labor signs at our appointment… it’s slowly sinking in that this little guy is coming full speed ahead!! Ahh I can’t wait to have him home in his crib!! Read more!

Week 24: Happy V Day to us!

We’ve hit the age of viability which is a fantastic little milestone. If for some reason the baby is born now the medical team will intervene and do anything they can to save his life. Prior to reaching 24 weeks they won’t. So although my turkey needs a lot more baking it is some what of a reassurance to me. And every milestone in pregnancy is worth celebrating so I give myself a high five!

Following up on the boob issue…. Yes I am apparently oblivious. I got some new bras and we’re up to a D cup folks. I still don’t believe that they’re big enough to justify the little stretchmarks but I’m taking it in stride. My little guy is worth it! Can’t say that the hubby is complaining about the girls…

Another ultrasound this week to check up on baby’s growth. I will get them at every appointment from here on out due to some antibodies that I have. Apparently he’s now measuring a week bigger than he should be so he must’ve hit a growth spurt! Quite honestly I can’t even fathom this because I have NO idea where he is hiding? My belly is so small… how could he be BIG?? Too weird, I’m still trying to figure this one out. He’s weighing in at a whopping 1 pound 12 ounces and spent the appointment hiding in the corner of my pelvis. His head is already facing down and he is very low… this could explain the outrageous back pain that I’ve had lately. “Hey little man why don’t you spread out a little bit, there’s plenty of room outside of my boney structures!” ouch.

They also re-checked my cervix at this ultrasound because it was slightly thinner than they’d like to see it at our 20 week appointment. Luckily it is holding strong at 38 cm (just 2 cm shy of what they’d “prefer”) so that was good news. Next appointment I get to look forward to some delicious Glu-Cola!! That’s the god awful sugar drink they give you to screen for gestational diabetes. And then we’re up to 2 week appointments until Thanksgiving… holy cow where did the 2nd trimester go…

The nursery progress is still coming along! We have the bedding, drapes, d├ęcor and furniture pieces all in place. It actually looks like a baby’s room now and all that’s left is the closet organizer to put all of this stuff away, and we’re talking a LOT of stuff already! Thanks to our generous friends and family who have donated tons of baby gear to us!! So although our miracle does NOT have my permission to arrive for several weeks we are nearly ready for him to come home. So exciting! Read more!

Week 23: Stretchmarks OH…NO…

So I thought that my boobs were NOT getting bigger these past 5 months. I mean they seem more full and nicely plump but nothing crazy, I’m still wearing the same bra… well apparently I’m either in denial or completely oblivious because I got out of the shower the other day to discover tiny red lines on my poor boobs! OH…NO… Weirdly they are on the bottom, not the sides or tops like I would’ve thought but on the bottom… what is that??! Yes they are small and apparently “not that bad” according to Hubbs but I am flipping out. First of all, where was I when this happened! I will gladly put up with some stretchmarks on the boobs but I better be sporting a triple FFF rack for my troubles ok so needless to say I’m a little disappointed. Now it’s off to the store to buy Mederma and any other home remedies I can find to get RID of them…. Good riddance ugly stretchmarks I WILL find a way to get rid of them! After finally seeing this I notice that it probably is time to get another bra or two, I’m down to just one that I can still fit into… so sparing strangers the ugly sight of my ladies pouring out everywhere I guess I’ll get a new one and up the cup size…

Luckily Rand McNally has spared my belly from an equally ugly roadmap and hopefully it will hold out for 17 more weeks!
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