Sunday, November 1, 2009

Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow Review

I had the privilege of trying out this pregnancy pillow and I was excited to find something to help relieve all of the aches and pains that make sleeping nearly impossible these days! This little pillow is really cute and I like how compact it was, easy to tote around unlike a lot of the other types out there. It comes in a little square package with an attractive pattern and color. Overall I think that this wedge type pillow is a good option for sleeping problems during pregnancy. It props your back up so that you can easily stay on your side and it supports underneath the belly keeping your spine from twisting awkwardly. I really liked the memory foam in the belly side, it sucks up nicely to your stomach! I would say that it solves a good majority of the back issues from sleeping but I wish that it was larger because I found myself using more pillows along with it to get completely comfortable. The only other issue that it doesn’t tackle is the hip pain, you still have to put a pillow between your legs to keep the hips from aching. In this regard the larger and bulkier pillows may solve the discomforts better but you also have to deal with their bulkiness. So depending on how uncomfortable you are at this stage in your pregnancy there are a million options to ease your pain. I’d recommend the Utterly Yours pillow but be aware that you’ll need to rig a few other pillows with it if you have every ache and pain that I seem to have! Happy sleeping…

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