Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 33: Update to contractions and pre-term labor… now what??!

So after meeting with the doctor after our L&D experience we have some more insight into what is going to happen these next few weeks. Basically, the doctors are confident that based on my negative FFN test I have at least 2 weeks until there’s a chance of delivering. After 2 weeks we will test again and hopefully get another negative which will tell us we have ANOTHER 2 weeks putting me at 36 weeks pregnant. At this point (36 weeks) the doctors will stop all medication and bedrest restrictions and let nature take it’s course.

I was a little bit confused at this advice because the rule of thumb is that 37 weeks is full term and so they want to make sure you do NOT deliver prior to the 37 weeks. However, after speaking with the doctor, she said that 37 weeks is ideal but really 34 and up is not too much of a concern for them. She informed us that the big hurdles are 32 weeks, 34 weeks, and 36. Her words were that “A 36 week baby is the same as a 37-40 week baby, they are fine and go right home with you, a 34 week baby may need a week or so in the NICU but they are fine and a 32 week baby may need 3 or more weeks in a NICU.” Her attitude was that at this point the baby will be fine and ideally we can get to 36 weeks with no worries and no anticipated NICU time

Confused yet?? Yea it’s a lot of numbers, and if you aren’t pregnant and aren’t used to measuring your life in weeks, it can be a little overwhelming. Bottom line is that we have another appointment to redo the fetal fibronectin test at 34 weeks and are hoping for the negative result which will tell us we WILL make it to the 36 week goal! And after that point baby has medical “permission” to arrive whenever he feels like arriving. FYI 36 weeks is Halloween ha!

Other than that, this week has been pretty good! I was lifted to “modified” bedrest and am allowed to take the crack pills at my own discretion. Basically, if my contractions start ramping up I am supposed to get back on the couch and take my pills, other than that I can carry on normal activities… well still “taking it easy” activities I should say. So I’ve been able to run errands, clean the house, and some other things so that I don’t feel like a complete SLOTH.

What other juicy bits do I have for you…. ? Weight gain, as of my last appointment I have gained 9 pounds, and yes I feel very lucky not to be a jabba the hut, I wish I could say that it is because I’m a disciplined, work out everyday, and eat like a rabbit… but it’s not true. I’m just blessed with a good metabolism and naturally eat pretty healthy and frequently. Another fun thing is my linea nigra… that’s the dark line women get down their belly when pregnant. I do indeed have one now!! It’s tiiinny and very faint but I can see it! The belly button is a little outie now too. My stretchies…. well they suck…. still on the boobs only but I can’t help but feeling hideous looking at them in the mirror. Hubbs is doing his best to keep my spirits up by telling me they are fine and will go away… but I think they are UGLY! I guess that makes up for the weight gain or something.

Labor & Delivery thoughts…. Quite honestly I am terrified of delivery… It’s one of those fears of the unknown, you just have NO idea what it’s going to be like until you experience it. You can read all the books you want, talk to everyone on the planet but you will not know until you experience it yourself. What the heck do real contractions feel like, how am I going to handle the pain, how am I going to stay in control? I don’t have the slightest clue how on earth I’m going to push a baby out of me… I mean seriously… how the heck do you just push them out? Then you have the c-section possibility, which I absolutely do NOT want. I hear all the time, “oh go with a c-section, that’s the way to do it” WHO says stuff like that?? Yea sure cut me open that sounds like a better alternative. Not to mention recovery. NO. And call me crazy, but I feel like if you don’t actually push the child out of you the old fashioned way that you are somehow missing out. I know, that’s crazy, you’re right, but I feel in a way that I would be robbed of the TRUE labor experience if I end up with a c-section, almost like I didn’t “earn my stripes” or something… But when it comes down to it, whatever keeps me and baby healthy is what we’ll do, plain and simple.

So, that’s about all the exciting news in our household right now… and hopefully it stays that way for a few more weeks before Little “H” decides to debut!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashleigh!

About the c-section thing. I completely agree about "not" experiencing the pushing. I will always wonder about that. I didn't have a choice w/ my first (breach, tried unsuccessfully to turn), never had contractions, anything. Then with my second, he wasn't breach but because of the very low risk of complications, I opted for a repeat C-section. Same thing, no contractions, nothing. But...bottom line, they are both healthly and I never had any issues w/ c-section recovery. The good part is that you get a LONGER stay in the hospital where you get all the help you need 24-7. It's VERY worth it!!! My advice, take advantage and let them take the baby away so the SECURE nursery so you can get some rest! Good luck!!

Laurie Sinclair

Ash & Shaun said...

Good tip! We are definitely considering letting the nursery care for the baby at night so that we can get our rest! I'm glad I don't sound too crazy with the whole pushing experience... but like I said whatever is safest for the two of us is what we'll do and what's meant to be, will be... I just wish I had a crystal ball so I could prepare myself ha :)

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