Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 29: Oh my aching joints & nausea back again?

So this week I feel like my joints are all falling apart! I have horrible joint pain in various parts of the body, my right knee is so bad that I broke down and bought a knee brace. Then we have my hands, not the wrists, but the center of my hands… they just ache like arthritis. And equally as annoying is my back, I get a pinching sensation on some nerves and it literally makes it unbearable to put weight on my legs or stand up straight. I feel like a decrepit hunchback, how ridiculous is THAT! Obviously it gets worse when I spend a lot of time on my feet so I’m really trying to be conscious of that but when you’re busy you’re busy… my heating pad has helped a lot, wish I had some sort of portable one!

Another fun thing is the nausea that has returned… what is going on in this body, it’s like my old body was abducted! So I almost feel like I’ve teleported back to the first trimester enjoying morning sickness-like nausea on a near daily basis. It started at my glucose screening appointment but I have had a similar feeling daily since that appointment. The nausea comes and goes and is accompanied by an extreme fatigue. So I guess I’m back to trying to find time to take a nap here and there to avoid complete exhaustion. And apparently, it’s all “normal” and nausea and fatigue commonly return in the 3rd trimester.

I’m convinced this is the doctor’s answer to everything, “Oh you’re pregnant, it can happen” and we have no other way of dealing with these ongoing issues so we just dumbly shake our heads like “OK!” and keep treading along. Ugh it gets so frustrating at times.

So the motto of this week is Zantac, knee braces, heating pads, and sleep… what’s next?


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