Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 27: Sore muscles, cute clothes, and Snoogle

So I discovered the Snoogle pregnancy pillow. Hubby felt bad for me after seeing me delirious all the time from not sleeping so he insisted that we go buy one. I had seen these before, kind of like a body pillow body wrap thing. I thought honestly that they were crap, you could just use multiple pillows to create the same effect and save yourself $50. However, I have to admit after trying it, it really does work! I had the most awful back pain and no amount of pillows was helping until the Snoogle arrived. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it! So that is now a recommendation I will give to other pregnant women, it’s worth the money, really. (And as you can see the hubby seems to love it too ha!)

My legs and back have continued to be sore. I feel like I either worked out for 11 hours straight or am extremely hungover from binge drinking the night away. Now obviously I can assure you neither of which are true so I’m left to wonder what the heck the deal is with these muscles. I have tried to up the water intake and potassium intake and stretch… none of which is really helping… so I suffer and complain to hubbs who usually takes pity on me and massages me.

Onto more exciting things, I did a little bit of shopping and this time I went the NON maternity route. I got some cute tee-dresses from Express and some leggings and I am finding this to be very comfortable and the compliments don’t hurt! It’s nice to feel stylish even with the belly. It is starting to become obvious that I am indeed pregnant, I have a tiny basketball now hooray! Daddy is also excited to have his diaper bag, a camo messenger from the Army Surplus store. It couldn’t be more perfect or more manly and he will appreciate having his own bag to carry instead of my girlie one J


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