Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 26: Rough week! Braxton Hicks, sleepless nights…

So this has been a pretty rough week! A LOT of sore muscles and achiness. Had a couple of migraines this week which is never fun… Sleeping has been a task this week that hasn’t gone well. I’ve had back to back nights of no sleeping mostly due to the fact that my back is killing me! And it’s not my lower back, it’s my upper back just below my shoulder blades. The only way to alleviate the back pain is to lay flat on my back which A: you are not supposed to do because it puts a lot of weight and pressure on major blood vessels and decreases blood flow to the baby and B: is horribly uncomfortable, it feels like I have a 20 lb bowling ball sitting on my stomach and gives me a head rush. SO needless to say the sleeping is becoming a chore.

Then we move on to what I’m calling Braxton Hicks contractions but I still haven’t quite decided if that’s what it is or not… Basically it started one day where I had a whole day of cramps, the WHOLE day. No rhythm or anything just a general crappy feeling all day. The next few days I had what feel like normal menstrual cramps off and on a handful of times that had a definite start and end point. And every other day or so I get the same thing, a painful cramp that lasts about 45 seconds and then goes away. Sometimes once a day, sometimes a couple, sometimes none. My problem is trying to define them… From most of my reading, Braxton Hicks contractions feel like an overall tightening of the stomach, they are a little rhythmic but come and go, and are not painful. Well I wouldn’t say that what I’m experiencing is a “tightening” at all… it just feels like a cramp?? And I wouldn’t call them excruciating but they certainly aren’t pleasant. Apparently I’m right at the time that they usually start so who knows. I’ve been told to call the doc if I have more than 4 in an hour which luckily has not happened. All the lovely things that come with your body preparing itself for labor! JOY!


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