Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 24: Happy V Day to us!

We’ve hit the age of viability which is a fantastic little milestone. If for some reason the baby is born now the medical team will intervene and do anything they can to save his life. Prior to reaching 24 weeks they won’t. So although my turkey needs a lot more baking it is some what of a reassurance to me. And every milestone in pregnancy is worth celebrating so I give myself a high five!

Following up on the boob issue…. Yes I am apparently oblivious. I got some new bras and we’re up to a D cup folks. I still don’t believe that they’re big enough to justify the little stretchmarks but I’m taking it in stride. My little guy is worth it! Can’t say that the hubby is complaining about the girls…

Another ultrasound this week to check up on baby’s growth. I will get them at every appointment from here on out due to some antibodies that I have. Apparently he’s now measuring a week bigger than he should be so he must’ve hit a growth spurt! Quite honestly I can’t even fathom this because I have NO idea where he is hiding? My belly is so small… how could he be BIG?? Too weird, I’m still trying to figure this one out. He’s weighing in at a whopping 1 pound 12 ounces and spent the appointment hiding in the corner of my pelvis. His head is already facing down and he is very low… this could explain the outrageous back pain that I’ve had lately. “Hey little man why don’t you spread out a little bit, there’s plenty of room outside of my boney structures!” ouch.

They also re-checked my cervix at this ultrasound because it was slightly thinner than they’d like to see it at our 20 week appointment. Luckily it is holding strong at 38 cm (just 2 cm shy of what they’d “prefer”) so that was good news. Next appointment I get to look forward to some delicious Glu-Cola!! That’s the god awful sugar drink they give you to screen for gestational diabetes. And then we’re up to 2 week appointments until Thanksgiving… holy cow where did the 2nd trimester go…

The nursery progress is still coming along! We have the bedding, drapes, décor and furniture pieces all in place. It actually looks like a baby’s room now and all that’s left is the closet organizer to put all of this stuff away, and we’re talking a LOT of stuff already! Thanks to our generous friends and family who have donated tons of baby gear to us!! So although our miracle does NOT have my permission to arrive for several weeks we are nearly ready for him to come home. So exciting!


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