Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destination Maternity Trip!

Found out that we have a Destination Maternity at our local mall! I didn't know this... somehow. Anyway, I got myself some cute nursing tops on sale and a couple long sleeve hoodie nursing tops for fall. Here's my favorite one that I had to buy!

And I broke down and got some Palmer's Cocoa Butter to see what it can do for my boobs....

Back to Destination Maternity, I must say they have the right idea there! You walk in and they've got a ton of maternity clothes, undergarments, lotions, PJ's, you name it. But the best part is that they have an area in the middle of the store with toys and such for the kiddos and they have a "Man" area with a huge flat screen tv and comfy chairs! My husband loved it. I gave him a book from the shelves "Father to Son" and told him to sit down and entertain himself while I shopped. He didn't make one complaint while I shopped and even finished reading the little book! He liked the book so much that he told me to buy it for him! http://www.destinationmaternity.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=918690245&MasterCategory_Id=MC24


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